DREAMKILLER (Post Production)

Three months into a highly classified experiment on fear suppression, patients begin to die from brutal murders leaving behind no evidence.


The experiment administrators, Dr. Marvin Stalberg and Dr. Nicholas Nemet receive unexpected visits from Detectives who inquire into their involvement.


As the experiment heads try to protect the experiments identity, Dr. Nemet has to deal with the dilemma of helping his ailing, phobia stricken mother, Kinga or exercising his moral obligation to uncover the truth. The truth comes at a high price that includes threats to his life, questions of his innocence and ultimately causes him to question his own sanity.



DIRECTOR: Catherine C. Pirotta


Catherine hails from Lima, Peru. After successfully directing award winning short films, Catherine debuts as a Feature Film Director with Delaware Pictures's "Dreamkiller" Catherine's future projects include Delaware's "Pretty Boys", a remake of the acclaimed made for TV movie, "The story of Pretty Boy Floyd", and projects in development such us, her own "Shadow Path" and Dario Deak's "Leptirica".


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